Home Schooling

Home Schooling

A small but growing number of school-aged student’s will not routinely spend time in a school classroom. Instead, these student’s and their parents choose to Home School.

There is no one way to do it. One family may set up a daily routine while another sets assignments on a weekly basis. Which method is best for you and your student? Deciding to home school is a big decision.

It should not be taken lightly, yet it may not be as confusing as you might think.

All Tutoring Can Help

Design your curriculum.
Set up student’s portfolio.
Provide professional tutoring in any subject.
Fulfill The End of The Year Evaluation Requirement.

Programs Designed For You

To develop student/teacher relationship.
Family-consistent values.

Our specialized tutors have vast experience guiding, assisting, and delivering home schooling programs from a variety of accredited educational institutions and courses for all grade levels. Not only can we help get your students through the home schooling program but also design the best path for instruction delivery in order to provide the student with a smooth flow of knowledge, skill mastery, and motivation.

You can rest assured that the home schooling goals will be met in the expected completion time. Our tutors will be in contact with your educational institution to monitor grading progress and results. All Tutoring offers certified proctors for ALL home education and correspondence schools (K-College).