One-On-One Sessions

One-On-One Sessions

Our quality of service, commitment, and dedication for your success has placed All Tutoring as one of the most accomplished tutoring firms in FL. We invite you to see the difference.

The team at All Tutoring understands that no two students have the same academic needs, goals or learning styles.

All Tutoring regularly conducts searches for quality educators specializing in everything from advanced phonetic skills, learning and behavioral differences, through advanced physics and calculus. All of our tutors pass rigorous personal screening and background checks.

On your first appointment with your tutor, parental/student questions will be answered and a practical evaluation will be completed. This gives All Tutoring a base to identify individual student needs as well as frequency of tutoring needed to reach proficiency.

We have tutors on staff who are experts in their fields of English, math, physics, reading, chemistry, history, all foreign languages, standardized test prep, and study and organizational skills. We also specialize in strategies to meet the needs of students with attention issues, learning disabilities or physical limitations.

An individualized tutoring program is developed for each of our students. Progress reports are given after each session so parents are kept informed of their student’s progress and what will be covered in the next tutoring session.

You are not required to sign a contract. Our mission is to provide quality tutoring services with results. At any point, if you do not feel we are meeting your expectations, you may request a change in tutors, frequency of tutoring, or terminate services.

We do ask that you give us 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. Your tutors will do the same if necessary or we give you a free hour of tutoring. We always provide TUTORING WITH RESULTS for over 30 years!